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It is ME and YOU that use probiotics and want to understand in general language what it is all about.

Probiotics is your live friendly bacteria (microorganisms) in your Gastro Intestinal tract.
Your GI tract starts in your mouth and not, as many people believe, in your stomach.
THUS - the healthy- or unhealthiness of your mouth can have an effect on your GI tract which effects your body.
The live friendly bacteria must be in balance with the unfriendly bacteria (pathogenic) to have a healthy GI tract and body.
When the bacteria is out of balance and the unfriendly bacteria is more than the friendly bacteria, your body is in trouble.
There is many problems (symptoms) that can occur to tell you that there is trouble.
Yes, you may feel sick all over but your physical examinations at your GP or laboratory tests are normal.
This is the time you must make sure yor symptoms can not be ralated to other disorders.
The most obvious and important one can be yeast-realated.

Look at your medical History:

(According to the book of "THE YEAST CONNECTION by Dr William G. Crook, MD)
Reapeated antibiotics during childhood?
Acne during teen years?
Recurrent urinary infections?
Frequent vaginitis?
Jock itch?
Sexual dysfunction?
Fatigue, depression, headache?
Visits to many different physicians?
Digestive symptoms?
Crave sweets?
sick all over, etc,etc.?
If this is your history or/and symptoms - the recommendation would be

to go on a sugar- and yeast-free diet program.

The NATURAL WAY may include BIOremFERMENT (Probiotic) and COLOSTRUM




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